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Mbappe must decide whether to renew his contract within two weeks

Mbappe must decide whether to renew his contract within two weeks
On July 5, PSG Chairman Nasser publicly talked about the future of Mbappe when he attended a press conference. He said that the latter’s decision to not renew his contract made him very shocked and disappointed. The club will never allow He will leave the team for free next year

Nasser said: "My position is very clear and I don't want to repeat it every time: If Kylian wants to stay, we want him to stay, but he needs to renew his contract with us. We don't want to lose the world for nothing. The best player, it's impossible."

"We are a French club, Mbappe has said that he will not leave for free, if today he changes his mind, it is not my problem. We do not want to lose him for nothing, that is very clear."

Nasser then continued: "I was very shocked by Mbappe saying that he wanted to leave the team (next summer) for free, and I was also disappointed because this is not what Kylian should do."

"The Kylian I know is a fantastic boy and a gentleman... let him leave for free and do harm to one of the biggest clubs in France? It's not Kylian! I repeat, when that happened When I was there, I was very disappointed.”

"Mbappe has to make a quick decision, in the next week to ten days, or at most two weeks! If he is not ready to renew, then the door is open, just like everyone else! The club is above all, No one is above the club, including myself."

"Football-wise, I've never seen the best player in the world leave his club for free, leave his home country, and even more here! It's never happened. If Someone wants to break the principle, break the promise he made, then we will move on to another thing, we will talk about other things."

Mbappe must decide whether to renew his contract within two weeks

Previously, Mbappe had stated in a public interview that he would not renew his contract with Paris, which means that he hopes to leave as a free agent in the summer of 2024.
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