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Real Madrid approaching key target’s pursuit in the same way as the Camavinga deal in 2021

Real Madrid approaching key target’s pursuit in the same way as the Camavinga deal in 2021
Real Madrid
find themselves in a tricky situation regarding their interest in Leny Yoro. At one point, it seemed certain that the young defender would be joining them, but a sudden move by Manchester United has complicated things.
Despite this setback, Fabrizio Romano has reported that Real Madrid view the Yoro deal similarly to how they handled the acquisition of Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes in 2021.
Back then, they waited patiently and secured the player on their terms. Right now, Madrid are prepared to do the same, even if it means signing him as a free agent in 2025 as they know the decision rests with the player.
In recent weeks, there has been much speculation about Yoro’s potential transfer to Real Madrid. Of late, though, Lille accepted a bid from Manchester United for over €50 million for the defender.
However, despite this substantial offer, Manchester United is still not the favourite to land him and this is primarily because the player himself has expressed a strong desire to join Real Madrid.Crucial next weeks for Leny YoroThis situation has reached a critical point. On one hand, Lille have received a more lucrative offer from Manchester United, but Yoro is hesitant to join them.
On the other hand, Real Madrid have made a much lower offer of €20 million and they have communicated to Lille that they either accept this lower offer or risk losing Yoro for free next summer. This puts Lille in a difficult position, forced to make a quick decision.

Real Madrid’s strategy is clear. They are willing to wait until 2025 if necessary, showing their confidence in eventually securing Yoro.
By playing the long game, they hope to pressure Lille into accepting their terms. If Lille decide to sell Yoro this summer, they will have to do so on Real Madrid’s terms.
It is now fully up to the player to decide whether he stands by Real Madrid’s strategy and be ready to stay at Lille for another year if a move does not go through now or opt to move to Man United.Patience is the key for Real MadridReal Madrid’s approach to this transfer is both strategic and patient. They understand the player’s desire to join their club and are using this to their advantage. By standing firm on their offer and being willing to wait, they have effectively cornered Lille.
This move not only shows their determination to get Yoro but also their confidence in their ability to attract top talent.
Manchester United’s entry into the race has certainly added a twist, but it has not deterred Real Madrid.
The Spanish giants are known for their ability to negotiate and secure deals on their terms. Their patience and strategic planning often pay off, as seen in previous transfers.
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